• HYDRO AGRI PLANT DRAINAGE STUDY: Hydrological & Hydraulic evaluation and Report of Plant Drainage System

  • El QUEMADO RIVER BRIDGE – TALPARO: Hydrology study of River Catchment to determine Flow capacity at the Bridge

  • UREA PORTAL SCRAPER RAIL STUDY – PCS NITROGEN: Investigation and Evaluation of irregularities in the scraper rail alignment

  • COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT WORKS – COALMINE: Condition Assessment and Development of a Master Plan for improvement of existing infrastructure and community facilities

  • BERTH 6ª CRANE RAIL INVESTIGATION – PATT: Investigation and evaluation of irregularities in rail alignment which have led to the rail deterioration

  • CARONI LARGE FARMS DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS: Field Investigations, Data Collection, Impact Study and Needs Analysis for 100-Acres large farm developments at Jerningham and Caroni Estate

  • PCS NITROGEN BULK WAREHOUSE STUDY: Investigation into damage and deterioration of Urea Storage Warehouse

  • PPGPL CONTROL BUILDING: Engineering Investigation and Report including Blast Resistance Analysis of Blast Wall

  • NUCOR IRON CARBIDE SILTATION STUDY: Siltation Study and Report on Nucor Berthing Channel