• QUAY WALL JETTY – CLAXTON BAY: Design of 100M long Quay Wall Jetty comprising of AZ28 Sheet Piles; 914mm dia. Bollard Piles; PU18 Tie-back piles; 15m long x 80mm dia. Tie-back Rods; 250kN RC Loading Slab 350mm thick on 300mm sq. Prestressed Piles; 400kN Bollards

  • COCOS BAY & SOUTH COCOS BAY SHORELINE STABILIZATION PROJECTS: Coastal and Structural Engineering Designs of 500m & 800m respectively comprising of Rock Revetment, Sheet Pile wall for protection of the Manzanilla Coast south of the Nariva River. Including Engineering Studies and Bathymetric Surveys

  • RECONSTRUCTION OF BERTHS AT CARICOM WHARVES – POS: Coastal and Structural Engineering Design for Jetty reconstruction. Include pre-stressed concrete piles, precast and in-situ post-tension concrete slab and sheet pile

  • CARICOM DOCK UPGRADE – POS: Design of waterfront infrastructure works for upgrading of the CARICOM Wharves. Include pavement and drainage works design

  • DREDGING AND ANCILLARY WORKS AT QUEEN’S WHARF – POS: Supervision of bathymetric surveys and Dredging Works to 8.0m draft and design of Sheet Piling and Fenders installation works

  • LA BREA FABRICATION YARD FOR THE FABRICATION OF OFFSHORE STRUCTURES – Labidco Industrial Estate, La Brea: Design of Shore side Infrastructure for 30-acres Fabrication Yard for the fabrication of Offshore Structures. Design comprised of mass excavation, reclamation and geofabric installation, drainage infrastructure, 500mm thick hard standing aggregate basecourse to support 3,000 tons loads, electrical, water and sanitary infrastructure